As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on providing highly personalized investment advice and a unique level of transparency between the client and investment manager.  We manage all of our clients' accounts on a separate account basis and we do not outsource the investment management function to any third party portfolio managers.  RDM Capital's investment professionals perform all security selection and portfolio review in-house and we typically invest clients' funds in individual securities that meet our stringent selection criteria, rather than mutual funds or other actively managed security products that are under the control of an outside manager.  By taking this approach, our clients can rest assured that their portfolios are actively managed by an individual they know and trust and not a distant investment manager.

Large Cap Value Equity Strategy

Over its more than 25 year history, RDM Capital has developed a proprietary large-cap value equity strategy as the cornerstone of its management of equity portfolios.  The strategy is a contrarian, fundamentals-based and long-term investment strategy that identifies preeminent companies that are temporarily undervalued and, in the opinion of the investment team, due to outperform over time.  While value investing is the foundation of RDM Capital's equity strategy, the investment team also maintains the flexibility to be opportunistic with any equity investment that presents an attractive risk-reward profile at a particular time. 

The investment team periodically conducts a top-down review of market conditions to identify macro-economic investment themes that will cause particular equity sectors to out-perform over a long-term time horizon.  Once these themes are identified, the investment team will then balance the results of dynamic quantitative equity screens of fundamental valuation, profitability and liquidity data with a sophisticated qualitative analysis of disclosures, analysis and other resources available on potential investments.  Based on the unique business judgment and experience of the management team, investments are then chosen for inclusion in the strategy.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Results for RDM include reinvested dividends, realized and unrealized capital gains and losses, net of transaction costs and net of investment management fees and other expenses.
Upon request, RDM will furnish to prospective clients a list of recommendations made by RDM within the immediately preceding period of not less than one year pursuant to appropriate federal and state securities law. It should not be assumed that recommendations made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of the securities in this list.