Welcome To Our New Wealth Management Blog!

Matt LaRocca |

Welcome to our new Wealth Management Blog! We hope you find this blog informative and check in periodically for posts on new services that we provide and analysis of current events and issues affecting wealth management.

For those of you who are new to our site, RDM Capital is an independent registered investment adviser engaged in all aspects of wealth management for high net worth individuals, young professionals and institutional investors. Based in the New York metropolitan area, our firm has served the investment community for over 20 years. As a full service wealth management boutique, RDM Capital advises clients on all aspects of their finances. Our primary focus is creating and managing primarily equity based investment portfolios for individual clients. We actively manage our clients’ investment portfolios based on their individual circumstances. We do not contract with other investment managers to manage our clients’ money or rely heavily on mutual funds or ETFs. We also provide a range of related financial services – from alternative investments to financial planning and budgeting for individuals and families to life insurance and annuities. Our firm stands ready to work with our clients to achieve all of their financial objectives.