Financial Planning for New College Graduates

Matt LaRocca |

The Wall Street Journal Online has a good article in its "weekend investor" section today that reviews several important financial planning topics for new college graduates and savers in their 20s. Notably, the article highlights the importance of getting started on saving in a 401(k) plan and paying off debt as early as possible in one's working career. While new entrants into the workforce typically do not have significant amounts of disposable income, the article notes that the power of compounding and the long time horizon before retirement should encourage young workers to save even small amounts in retirement plans as early as possible. Additionally, eliminating high interest rate student debt or other loans should be a top priority as well. At RDM Capital, we provide financial planning to young investors to establish a sensible savings plan early in their careers. Further, we advise clients on the best use of their savings to maximize investment return potential, subject to the constraints of each client's specific risk tolerance and time horizon.

Wall Street Journal Online Article:  A Financial Checklist for 20-Somethings