Create an Investment Plan to Reduce Money Stress

Matt LaRocca |

A recent survey by the American Psychological Association found that 72% of Americans were stressed about money within the past month, according to a recent article on the CNN Money website. More than 25% of respondents indicated that they were stressed about money most or all of the time.

We find that new clients often come to us due to stress over their day-to-day finances or the mismanagement of their savings. Frequently, these are related issues that arise when individuals do not formulate a coherent financial and investment plan at the outset of their adult lives, based on their investment time horizon, retirement goals and personal tolerance for investment risk. In other words, we find that it is the lack of a plan that creates the most money-related uncertainty and stress. However, a plan alone is not sufficient to achieve all financial goals, just like having a doctor’s check-up is not enough to stay healthy. Individuals must adhere to the plan once it is established and periodically update their plan as their financial situation changes. Additionally, individuals must find quality investment advice to achieve the investment return objectives set forth in their investment plan.

At RDM Capital, we work with clients to create coherent financial and investment plans while providing sound investment advice necessary to achieve their ultimate financial goals. Our financial advice ranges from responding to discrete financial questions to comprehensive financial plans addressing each individual client’s financial and investment objectives. If you are one of the 72% of Americans who are stressed about your financial situation, contact us. We can help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from formulating your financial and investment goals and articulating a clear path to meet those goals.