Beginning the Estate Planning Process

Matt LaRocca |

Recent surveys show that more than half of American adults do not have a will and many more do not have a power of attorney or living will to govern their affairs if they become incapacitated. The realization that an estate plan is necessary often only occurs when an individual dies or becomes ill – in other words, when it’s already too late. We recommend that all of our clients have an estate plan in place and that they assess their estate plans at least annually. This can be as simple as having a basic will prepared, updating beneficiaries on retirement accounts and planning for your care if you are unable to care for yourself.

The most difficult step in preparing an estate plan often times is the first step. At RDM Capital, we help our clients with taking that first step and crafting an estate plan to meet their needs. The following article provides a helpful guide to beginning the estate planning process:

Ten Steps to Painless Estate Planning