We are proud of RDM Capital's history of market out-performance over more than 20 years.  While market fads have come and gone, our investment philosophy has withstood the test of time.


The uniqueness of RDM Capital lies in its size, its ability to respond quickly to fundamental changes in money market conditions, in the personal attention paid to each investor’s portfolio needs, and in the direct involvement of the firm’s investment professionals in determining each client’s investment objectives and risk profile. 


Since its inception, RDM Capital has maintained complete independence from brokerage biases.  Our firm manages client assets on a discretionary, fee-only basis and accepts no commissions.   As fee-only investment advisors, we make investment decisions on behalf of our clients that are solely in their best interests.


All client assets are in the custody of Pershing LLC, a well-capitalized broker-dealer with over $175 billion in assets under custody.  Pershing is an affiliate of Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. 


Our investment professionals conduct all investment analysis in-house, drawing on a wealth of experience in the financial industry.  Additionally, over our firm's twenty years of existence we have developed numerous professional relationships with practitioners in areas of the legal, accounting, tax and insurance fields that are essential to successful wealth management for our clients.  RDM Capital utilizes these relationships by working as a team with outside professionals whenever needed to achieve our clients' wealth management goals.